Valentine’s Day is a special day in our home. We often show our love with food, and these Valentine Dinner Recipes are the perfect way to celebrate!

Valentines Day is approaching quickly! You may be thinking of going out to dinner but then remember how crowded all of your favorite restaurants have been in the past, so you think again. You look at your grocery budget and realize you don’t have much extra money to spend on a fancy dinner. Not to mention, you are unsure of what to make that is different enough to make it special. Have no fear.

Here are our favorite Valentine dinner recipes that are incredibly delicious and easy to make and they won’t break the bank. So whether you prefer steak, chicken, fish, or pasta, there is a delicious and budget-friendly meal in here for everyone.

Grilled Steak

Beef Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Cornish Hens with Mushroom Sauce: Romantic Dinner for 2 | Recipes on

Chicken and Poultry Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Barbecue Bacon Pork Chops

Pork Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Grilled Shrimp with Butter and Herbs | Recipe on

Seafood Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

Classic Lasagna Recipe

Italian and Pasta Recipes for Valentine’s Day Dinner

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Budget Friendly – Kid Approved Valentine’s Day Recipes


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