Hi. I’m Colleen, the new recipe developer at Pocket Change Gourmet, and I love to cook! Growing food, preparing food, and sharing food with friends and family has always been a central and joyful part of my life and I’m excited to share my recipes with you. 

As a working mom of three young children, I know that it’s tempting to pull through the drive-through or pick up a pizza on those busy nights. But I have found that delicious, nutritious, homemade food is by far the healthiest and most economical way to feed my family. And it does not have to be complicated to be amazing! Simple, fresh, whole ingredients plus a little time and planning can make “What’s for dinner?” an easy question to answer. 

Not skilled in the kitchen? No problem. I’ll break the recipes down step-by-step to guide you.

Short on time? Look for the Tips and Tricks with ready-made products and substitutions you can use in the recipes to save you time on those busy weeknights.

Gluten free? You’ve come to the right place. We keep a gluten-free kitchen and I’ll share my tips for adapting recipes to make them allergy safe and delicious.

I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes I share as much as my family does.

Happy cooking!