Who says that good food has to cost a pretty penny? Not us! Pocket Change Gourmet is proof that you don’t have to go broke to eat well. We bring you recipes for everything from appetizers to dessert and everything in between.

We’re busy — and we know you are, too!

Eat smart

Our simple meals feature easy to find ingredients. There’s no need to go running from store to store! Once you have your ingredients, it’s a snap to put it all together, even if you’re not the greatest chef in the world.


Meal planning is key to help save time and money. Plus, we have easy to follow weekly and monthly meal plans. Just follow our straight-forward recipes and you’ll have your family looking forward to dinner in, every time!

Meet the Blogger

Michelle Mista is a serious foodie with a global palate and a teensy-weensy budget. Her mission is to make healthy food at an affordable price point and share it with the world!

A life long foodie, she started cooking when she graduated college and moved away from home.  As an on-the-go young professional, and then as a busy work-at-home mom, she learned that meal planning is the key to eating healthy on a budget. If you ask her, meal planning and prep is an absolute sanity saver!

Michelle prides herself on having a repertoire of easy to cook, healthy homemade meals that her family loves.

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