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Ever have a recipe that you just can’t seem to find? We do too! Here are a few tips on organizing your recipes that are sure to help.

Stop searching for the recipe you need! Our Tips for Organzing Recipes will help! Pin to your Organizing Board!

Let me start by saying that with me organization is a work in progress, this is one of the reasons I initially started blogging, to have a place to save all the recipes I have accumulated over the years from friends and family. However I never anticipated the deluge of new recipes that I would need to find a way to organize. I’ve tried many ways to store all my recipes and come to the conclusion that there are many ways to accomplish this task, here are a few of our favorite ways to do this…

Pocket Change Gourmet on Pinterest


Are you a Pinterest lover? We are! It’s an awesome way to organize many of the recipes I want to get inspiration from. You can follow the Pocket Change Gourmet Pinterest Boards and also the Hoosier Homemade Boards.

Although we love Pinterest, let’s face it, it may not be around forever. So having a spot to keep your recipes that won’t possibly go away is important.

Tips for Organizing Recipes

Household Binder

Let’s not forget this staple of every kitchen. They definitely have a purpose and probably will have a place in our kitchen for a long time. We’ve gone through several iterations to develop a binder that we use for our entire house that we keep not only our most used recipes but other useful family information. Learn how to create your own Household Binder

Recipe Organizer

If a whole Household Binder is not what you are ready to dive into, how about a Recipe Binder? I found this one on Amazon and they have a Recipe Starter Kit available too that comes with tab dividers, card protectors and sheet protectors.

Tips for Organizing Recipes on


Recently after much prodding from Doug we’ve been transferring all our recipes into Evernote. If you’ve not heard of this yet I’ll give you a quick description…It’s the ultimate file cabinet! When we find a recipe we love or simply want to give a try we easily share it into our Evernote account by either clicking the save button on our computer or if it’s in a magazine, we take a photo with our phone and upload it. Don’t fret if you like a hard copy to work off of, you can print directly from the app if you like.

There are also Moleskine Evernote Notebooks that can be used to write a recipe down and then upload it directly into Evernote.

Tackle your kitchen with these Kitchen Organizing Ideas! Pantry, Spices, Pots, Pans, and more! Pin to your Organizing Board!

We are wrapping up our Kitchen Organizing series today! Here’s a look back in case you missed any –

Join us every Tuesday as we tackle our kitchen and get organized!

What is your favorite way to organize your recipes?


  1. Oh, where have you been all my life?!?!? I’m just clicking over from Org Junkie, and loving the idea of this post! As a food blogger who love, love, loves to read recipes, I have oodles of cookbooks, binders full of magazine recipes, notebooks filled with chicken-scratch drafts of my own recipes, Pins galore … keeping it all organized is a constant project! A good problem to have, though, no doubt! 😀 Thanks a million for the great tips!

  2. Mary Ann Gillispie says

    I love the recipe binder. I am blessed to have my grandmother’s recipes in her handwriting. All four of my children were so lucky to have known their Nonnie so I wanted to share these with them. I purchased the notebooks and found a picture of each of them with their Nonnie and enlarged it to place in the front of the binder cover. They loved it and now have a special memory to share with their children.

  3. Evernote is fabulous! It syncs my PC and tablet so what I do on one also lives on the other, and I use the tablet in the kitchen. My recipes are filed by category in folders. I have a large Samsung tablet; the 10.5″ x 7″ screen lets me view recipes across the room! I am a digital scrapper, so my 4 x 6 cards are loaded with pretty graphics which fill my tablet screen, and are a gorgeous display!

    Tip: Don’t clip whole web pages for a recipe. Highlight the recipe, then click the “share” symbol, choose Evernote, and it is automatically pasted into the app, where you can edit or add your own notes and file it in the chosen category. You can share by email or other options, too, including friends or family if they also have Evernote.

  4. I like the blue recipe box featured above. Where can I get that box, if available?
    Thank You

    • Hi there, after some digging I found the recipe box on Farm Chicks.
      She says it’s from the Martha Stewart Macy’s Collection, however the post is from 2009. I looked online at Macy’s but did not find it.

  5. Wow that is pretty smart way to organizing recipes! My wife just recently started collecting recipes from different family members and this will really help with organizing them! Thanks for sharing!

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