Menu planning is a great way to cut down on your grocery budget and also keep yourself organized! Today we are sharing some of our favorite Menu Planning Products to help you!

We have taken a couple weeks off from our Kitchen Organizing series to work on our DIY Menu Board, but we are back today to wrap it up!

Let’s start with the menu itself. If you have visited Pocket Change Gourmet, you know that we offer Monthly and Weekly Menu Plans full of Budget Friendly Recipes. We have over 2 years worth for you to choose from.

February Printable Menu from

We also have a Printable Menu Plan that you can either save and print or just leave on your computer with links to the  recipes whenever you need them.

DIY Menu Board | Instructions on

There are hundreds of options for Menu Planning Boards. Last week we shared our version, and teamed up with WiseDecor Decorative Lettering to add the wall quotes and lettering that are ONLY $9. We decided to keep the lettering protected and also save the chalkboard for as long as possible, so Doug added clear acrylic plexiglass and we use White China Marker or Neon Dry-Erase Markers to write the menu down.

I love the days of the week letters with the dots around them. WiseDecor worked with us to come up with the size of letter and style that we loved. You can purchase your own set and make you own board too, at a 10% discount!

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DIY Menu Board | Instructions on

Here are a couple others that you may like…

diy menu board.1

DIY Menu Board from Adventures of a DIY Mom

menu board2

DIY Menu Board from Rowdy in Room 300

There are several Menu Planning Service out there. Here are a few…

menu planning eat at home

Tiffany from Eat at Home offers weekly meal plans and grocery lists to go with them.

Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat is also a Meal Planning Service.


Organizing Junkie offers a huge list of recipe sites and services for you to choose from.

Kitchen Organizing on

Join us every Tuesday as we tackle our kitchen and get organized!



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