Cooking a whole chicken is nothing new to most cooks, but today we have a new kitchen appliance that will cut down on time for you. It’s the Big Boss Chicken Oil-Less Fryer, and although it’s called a fryer, we had better luck with it as a roaster.

The chicken came out extremely moist and tender, with a nice crispy coating on the skin. It is cooked in the Big Boss for about an hour.

a cooked whole chicken in a oil-less fryer

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is an energy-efficient tabletop cooker that combines halogen heat, convection, and infrared technology. Halogen directly heats the surface of the food for browning, roasting, and flavor. Convection circulates the hot air, evenly distributing the heat for faster cooking.

a whole chicken in a fryer with a thermometer

Just to double-check, we inserted the thermometer into the breast to be sure it was done. It turned out perfect!

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer also cooks french fries, nuggets, and other frozen food. We found that for our size family, the batches were too small to get on the table in a timely manner. For an individual or smaller family, it would work out great.

You can use this recipe to then prepare some of the most delicious 10 fried chicken recipes for picnics! Or, even better, you may want to try to make some of the best tomato basil chicken penne.

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is available at Walmart

Whole Chicken Cooking Tips for the Big Boss

  1. Coat chicken with about 1 tablespoon oil on each side, sprinkle with seasoning salt, pepper, and salt {or spices that you like}
  2. Start cooking breast side down, flipping halfway through
  3. Begin by turning the temperature gauge to 460 degrees cooking for about 20-25 minutes, then after flipping, turn it down to 300 degrees
  4. Chicken is done when the thermometer reaches 158-160 degrees
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  1. I just recently got one and have had a frozen chicken in my freezer. I had decided that this chicken was going to go bad and get thrown away until I saw that I could cook it from frozen in this unit. I thought, what can it hurt? So I did, it cooked in an hour and a half, I too, checked it with my thermometer, and it was absolutely delicious!! I am searching the web to find more things to cook in this thing other than what is in the book. I feel this is going to become my way of cooking from now on. I will probably do away with all of my other appliances (i.e., microwave, toaster oven, cool daddy, etc.). I am in love with this unit and have only had it for about a week!

    • Hey Jen, I too received the Big Boss & am looking for recipes. I used it yesterday to make boneless hot sauce chicken. We loved it. It would be nice to share recipes !

  2. Why don’t they have a full recipe book for this? I need to know temps and cooking times for all meats, fish and Chicken!

    • Hi Dan, I did a search on Amazon and while I didn’t find a recipe book for the Big Boss Fryer specifically I was able to find several that are available. Here’s one you might want to check out…

      • There is a recipe book that comes with the Big Boss Air Fryer , at least one came with mine.

  3. Thank you so very much for the information . It is so Helpful, I do have a few questions……..How many lbs was the chicken that you cooked? It would give me an idea of how long to Cook my chicken
    Did you cook the chicken parts ?
    ( neck, etc….)
    Thank you again
    Beverly Hamilton

    • Hi Beverly,

      The chicken was average size, I don’t remember the exact weight. I removed the chicken parts and used them to make chicken stock.

  4. Any tips on flipping it over? It’s awkward, hot and I didn’t want to spear it and let the juices run out. Thanks.

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