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Adding Hellmann’s to your recipes gives them a smooth, creamy texture with lots of added flavor. Here are a few of our favorite recipes using Hellmann’s mayonnaise…

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  1. My favorite way to use Hellman’s is to put it on chicken that will baked in the oven with Parmesan cheese. So delicious!!

  2. I love to use Hellman’s in dips! Wouldn’t use anything else, especially for Artichoke Dip 🙂

  3. I use Hellman’s in my spinach dip and potato salad. Use it really in anything needing mayonnaise. Thanks.

  4. My favorite ways are to make chicken salad, slather under turkey skin before baking a turkey to make it moist and spinach dip! yum!!!

  5. I love to use it for my deviled eggs! It’s the only mayo I use!

  6. I actually LOVE using Hellman’s in any cold salad! I even love it in my cakes!

  7. I love to use it either simply on a sandwich or in my warm artichoke dip.

  8. Bruce Brown Reply

    You simply cannot make a leftover turkey sandwich without Hellman’s.

  9. Pam Gurganus Reply

    My favorite way to use Hellmann’s in a recipe is in chocolate cake!

  10. I use it in my deviled eggs and cole slaw and sandwiches among other things.

  11. My favorite way to use Hellman’s is still in tuna salad or pasta salad!

  12. I use Hellmann’s when I make my family’s favorite potato salad!

  13. My favorite way to use Hellmann’s is in tuna salad. I love adding in chopped pecans and grape halves, too.

  14. Beva Bradford Reply

    I love Hellmans, I use it most in my spinach dip and deviled eggs.

  15. Oh a Southerner we use Hellmann’s in all types of food from sweet like chocolate cake to savory like coleslaw, potato salad, on sandwich, for tarter sauce…you get the picture…But, two fave’s that are unusual are:

    One: slather a mix of Hellmann’s and white wine on firm fish filets and bake as usual about 10 mins per inch…oh my so a slightly crunch texture and slight caramelized taste.

    Two: Is Mexican Street corn grilled with a mix of fresh squeezed lime, paprika; and Hellmann’s, Grill in in husks…oh my..had this for the first time from a street vendor in the Caribbean…so good.

    You will have peeps wanting the recipe..promise.

  16. I use hellmans for anything i need mayonnaise for but mostly potato salad

  17. I love to add it to sandwich fillings but my favorite way is to use it in leftover turkey casserole.

  18. I use it to coat chicken when I bake it in the oven with bread crumbs

  19. I use Hellmann’s in my broccoli salad (or rather my best friend moms’ recipe.) “This is a must” she said!

  20. I love making homemade pretzel dips and Hellman’s is the *only* way to go! I also love it for homemade tartar sauce.

  21. I like to make homemade sandwich spreads and honey mustard with Hellmann’s.

  22. Melissa P. @Mel4Him Reply

    I like using Hellmann’s Mayo in my homemade Chicken Salad.

  23. I was actually just looking at the Buffalo Chicken Salad Sliders on their website and it looks so good. I am a big fan of buffalo chicken so it just made me really hungry & I never thought to actually use a rotisserie chicken most people use the can chicken like tuna, but that doesn’t sound appealing enough to me and “real” (:

  24. I usually use it to make salads…but I definitely have to give that chicken divan recipe a try!

  25. Nataly Carbonell Reply

    I love it in my chicken or tuna sandwich and in my potato salads!

  26. Tiffany Parrott Reply

    I love using it in my tuna salad or pasta salad- best ever !!!

  27. Hellman’s is the secret to my spinach artichoke dip and I also love mixing it with parmesan cheese putting it on the chicken and baking it! Always comes out great!

  28. anne harris Reply

    wonderful as an undercoating for baked chicken!! keeps it moist!

  29. I like mixing it with relish and garlic to put on fish while broiling.

  30. Kristi Romspert Reply

    I like to mix with relish and ketchup for thousand island dressing and add to burgers or a turkey sandwich.

  31. I use Hellmann’s mayo in my homemade spinach dip, which is made for EVERY party or holiday gathering, since it is such a family favorite!

  32. My family loves to use Helleman’s on turkey sandwiches and in our dip recipes.

  33. I like to use Hellman’s in pretty much any kind of egg, chicken, tuna salad concoction that I can think of.

  34. Karyn Campbell Reply

    I love to use it to make sauces creamier or mixed with herbs and seasonings on top of chicken before I bake it.

  35. Vanessa Fisher Reply

    One of my favorite things to eat is potato salad–and I love Hellmans in my potato salad!!!

  36. Michele Butterworth Reply

    We use Hellman’s Mayo on everything imaginable. We use it for all kinds of dips, every sandwich, straight as dip for artichokes, chicken tenders, etc., etc., etc. We love Hellman’s mayo in all our salads including potatoe, cucumber, macaroni, crab, you name it, we put Hellman’s in it or on it. It’s amazing stuf and beats every other brand on the market in taste and texture. We’re in love with Hellman’s mayo!

  37. I love making chocolate cake with it. The cake is moist and wonderful.

  38. Rene OConnell Reply

    Hellmans is the only Mayonnaise I will use in my household from sandwiches ,casseroles to desserts.

  39. I love to add it to my potato and macaroni salads! (Lame, but, it is the best!!!)

  40. What isn’t Hellmanns Mayo good for. Its the only mayo that I use. Tuna salad, sandwiches, potato salad, egg salad. The list can go on and on.

  41. Denise Wilson Reply

    I use it in casseroles, like broccoli casserole and potato casserole.

  42. In my house I have to buy 2 jars at a time so we dont run out. They eat it on sandwiches, on egg sandwiches . Also on chicken (under the skin) when we make it – gets tender that way

  43. I love making chicken salad using Hellman’s. It’s simply the best!

  44. Cynthia Flowers Reply

    I love to use Hellman’s for Deviled Eggs and I always use it on my sandwiches for lunch. yum yum

  45. Amelia Drew Reply

    I ONLY use Hellman ‘s butI use it in order to give anything a little moisture- like on chicken- it is yummy!

  46. I was brought up on Hellmanns and it is the only mayonnaise that I buy and use for our home. Always guaranteed to be good.

  47. Ellen Casper Reply

    I like to use it in salads (potato, macaroni, chicken) and in deviled eggs.

  48. Linda Petteys Reply

    I make a great chocolate mayonnaise cake and always use Hellman’s!

  49. I have the best chicken salad sandwich recipe and the only way I make it is with Hellmans!

  50. Tari Millis Reply

    I love Hellman’s mayo in a salad! Either chicken or tuna. I also use Hellman’s mayo with my favorite Parmesan Chicken.

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