KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer [Closed Giveaway]

Who wants to win a KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer? It could be you! Simply enter through any or all of these talented bloggers. I’ve joined 9 other awesome bloggers to bring you this amazing giveaway! Visit the other participants for delicious recipes… The Hopeless Housewife Miss in the Kitchen The Girl Who Ate Everything Very […]

Gourmet Garden Fresh Herbs [Closed Giveaway]

With our family’s busy lifestyle, it’s not always easy to whip up dinner quickly. So when it comes to ingredients, it’s always good to have them prepared and ready as quickly and easily as possible. We were happy to receive a cooler with 11 ingredients from Gourmet Garden. Gourmet Garden sells a line of herbs […]

One Dish Dinners Cookbook Giveaway [Closed]

What does every cook want? A quick and easy recipe that dirties only one dish and is budget friendly! Well, Erin from $5 Dinners has done it again with her One Dish Dinners Cookbook! Not only does Erin provide mouthwatering recipes for you to cook for your family, she teaches you strategies for meal planning, […]

Saucepan Chef Kitchen Utensils Giveaway

Are you tired of buying kitchen utensils that don’t last? We’ve found what could be the last set of kitchen utensils you may ever need from Saucepan Chef and we’re giving away three (3) complete sets to our loyal readers! Chef

WeMo-enabled Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker Giveaway

Can you remember a time when you didn’t have a Crock-Pot® in the kitchen? It’s hard to believe, but Crock-Pot® has been around since 1971. All these years with the ability to have your dinner cooking while you are away from the kitchen has seen the slow cooker evolve from the basic cooker your mother used to current […]

All American Cookout Giveaway

So tell me, are you ready for a Wienervention? What? Yes, does your family love Hot Dogs? We do, but I certainly don’t like the to serve them unhealthy food. Let’s be frank: Friends shouldn’t let friends eat bad meat. It’s time to stage a “Wienervention” and Applegate is here to help. Applegate Naturals Beef […]

Power of Family Meals Giveaway

Here’s the scene, we’re out on our weekly supply trip for the business, more often than not our youngest son is tagging along. We stop to grab a bite and the hostess of the fine eating establishment shows us to our table. After perusing the menu we relax. What happens next? We each pull our […]

Savory Nut Mix for The Nut Job

How many people out there enjoy one form or another of a snack mix during the year? Raise your hands. During the holidays it seems every family pulls out their tried and true recipes and we are no different. The aromas of toasted nuts permeate the entire house. And in every family there is always […]

$300 Gift Card Giveaway

Christmas is coming! Let the shopping begin! How about a $300 Gift Card to help you out? A couple months ago, I spent some time in NYC to celebrate Hellmann’s 100th Birthday. We are honored to be part of the Real Foodies for Hellmann’s and offer you this $300 Gift Card Giveaway! Chef

Bountiful Cookbook Giveaway

Todd and Diane, the White on Rice Couple have been favorites of mine for years. Any chance I got to learn from them about food photography and recipes, I jump at the chance. Their work is simply stunning, but even more, they are truly genuine. They love sharing their delicious recipes, gorgeous photography and amazing […]

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