Weekly Menu Plan: October 12

Slow Cooker Chili

Anyone else feeling the need for comfort foods? I think it must be the fall weather we experienced last week. It’s given me the sense that I need to cocoon into my home and cook some delicious comfort foods. The weekly menu plan for next week is going to give us all some great comfort foods. Add […]

Weekly Menu Plan: October 5

Taco Bar

I can remember a time when money was its tightest in my home. I rarely had extra funds leftover after payday and had to be very careful where I spent my money. I knew that my grocery budget would need to be tightened. So, the first thing I did was search for dinners that could […]

October Menu Plan: 2015

Slow Cooker Chili

It’s hard to believe that October is upon us. Very soon it will begin to cool off and fall will be sweeping in. The weather men are beginning to make comments about a “harsh winter.” While I’m not looking forward to that, I am looking forward to warm soups, comfort foods and everything pumpkin flavored. […]

Weekly Menu Plan: September 21

Homemade Apple Crisp :: Recipe on HoosierHomemade.com

When you are working with a budget for meals, it is vital that you make a menu plan up that takes advantage of sales, seasonal produce and ingredients you already have on hand. It’s also important that your weekly menu plan has meals that are extra friendly to the budget. Add these to your recipe […]

Weekly Menu Plan: September 14

Taco Soup: 15 minute meal :: Recipe on PocketChanmgeGourmet.com

There are some weeks when the menu plan contains my most favorite meals. During those weeks, I literally think about dinner all day. Sometimes, I’m planning my breakfast and lunch on the lighter side so I can splurge a bit on dinner (like on Fried Chicken night). For this weekly menu plan, I’ll be enjoying […]

Weekly Menu Plan: September 7

Grilled Wings with 3 Sauces :: Recipes on PocketChangeGourmet.com

I love a good three day weekend and thankfully, we’ve got one of those in front of us this weekend. I always have plans for relaxing with my family during the weekend but it always seems like I am busier than ever. Thankfully, I have a great weekly menu plan to keep the rest of the week […]

September Menu Plan: 2015

Shrimp Scampi with Linquine

Summer hasn’t officially ended but in my part of the world, the weather is turning chilly and it’s really starting to feel like fall. I love fall for many reasons – returning to sweaters, jeans, boots and jackets, as well as cuddling under a blanket on a cool night. However, the best part of fall […]

Weekly Menu Plan: August 24

Royal Burger

It’s hard to believe August is coming to a close. In just a short while, Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer will arrive and we’ll be headed into fall. This time of year is extremely busy in my home, thankfully the weekly menu plan for this week will help alleviate any stress I may be […]

Weekly Menu Plan: August 17


If your August is shaping up like mine is then you are busier than ever. Work is hectic, the kids have something going on every night and dinner often gets forgotten about until the last minute. This use to happen to me all the time, until I started planning our dinners. The weekly menu plan for […]

Weekly Menu Plan: August 10


I love getting my kids involved in the cooking process. As they get older, my goal is to assign one night a week to each child who is then responsible for the meal prep and cooking. This gives me a bit of a break and teaches them the valuable lesson of being able to cook […]