Turkey is not only for Thanksgiving! My family also has turkey for Christmas alongside a delicious ham! If you do both like my family, this Oven Roasted Turkey is the perfect recipe! It’s easy and has a prep time of 5 minutes! How awesome is that?

25 Days of Holiday Recipes continues with day 6! Every day we will share with you an amazing holiday recipe! From main dishes to desserts, we’ll share it all in hope that we inspire you to create a very delicious menu!

Adding this Oven Roasted Turkey will add a little gobble to your holiday menu! This delicious recipe can settle in next to the ham in a flavor-filled sandwich! I’m excited for the Holidays when the family is over and I can cook amazing recipes for them… like this one!

Leftovers are plentiful, but sometimes they’re my favorite. There are so many things I can do with leftovers. Especially with this oven roasted turkey. I can make tetrazzini, sandwiches and soups which is probably my favorite!

Find these Oven Roasted Turkey from Pocket Change Gourmet by clicking the link below…

Oven Roasted Turkey

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