25 Days of Holiday Recipes: 2016

25 Days of Holiday Recipes is here! Every day — for the next 25 days — we will be sharing with you recipes to inspire you for Christmas and throughout the holidays! From appetizers, to desserts we’ll have it all! I can’t wait to start! We hope that you enjoy these recipes, draw inspiration from them and share them with everyone!

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25 Days of Holiday Recipes – 2016

kiddie-breakfast-table-220     ranch-mashed-potatoes-220     fruit-cheese-tree-page     warm-up-with-a-grinch-hot-chocolate     christmas-candy-pretzel-hugs-220

oven-roasted-turkey-breast-square     herb-and-cheese-stuffed-mushrooms-220     hashbrown-casserole-220     christmas-punch-220     reindeer-cupcakes-220

butternut-tortellini     cranberry-salad1     slow-cooker-teriyaki-chicken-220     peppermint-punch-220     cherry-cheesecake-dip

chicken_stuffing_bake-220     cheese-ball-220     brown-sugar-glazed-ham-220     apple-cranberry-dessert-220     gingerbread-loaf

shredded-beef-220     garlic-rosemary-roasted-potatoes-220     chex-mix-220     slow-cooker-peppermint-mocha-220     hot-cocoa-cake-v1-main_-1