So every Tuesday we try to share with you either a cool kitchen tip like How to Maintain Your Cutting Boards or something for your Homemade Pantry that is relevant for what ever time of year like our Grilling Spice Blend. Well this week we just had to share a product that a friend has been making for several years that he started making in his kitchen. LT’s Angry Mustard is a local creation that is quickly gaining loyal fans in Southwest Lower Michigan, Northern Indiana and even ranging as far away as Chicago.

LT is the first to admit that this mustard isn’t for everyone but if you love mustard and love some heat with your food then once you give this a try you won’t want anything else. The flavor may best be described right on the label, sweet mustard with a kick. It’s got a sweet pickle relish taste that hits you right from the start and then the heat of the jalapenos kicks in towards the end.

One of his customer’s favorite ways to enjoy the Angry Mustard if as a dip with pretzels. Which makes for a great afternoon snack relaxing in the backyard with buddies and some beer. I love it as a condiment with burgers and bratwurst and haven’t used regular mustard on them since I first tried it. I’ve also been experimenting with adding it to a few recipes for summer grilling season like BBQ Baked Beans.


Where O Where can I get it! Check out LT’s Angry Mustard facebook page to keep informed on where to stock up for the summer.



  1. My daughter inlaw from grand rapids brought some of your kick….. mustard love it,, can I buy on line from u, just wanted to know thx James Plath

    • Hi James, I asked the man that makes and sells LT’s Mustard, here is his response –
      Yes call me at (269)649-2201 I’ll take care of you. Thanks! Loren

  2. Carol Price Reply

    This Mustard is a real Hit!!! I just had some on a steak, I also had some on my brussel sprouts! It’s wonderful on both!!! YUM!!!

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