Wonton and Mushroom Soup

Ok, so here is the scenario. Here we are on a Sunday spending the entire day cooking for the Chinese New Year Celebration, Liz is busy creating an amazing dragon made from cupcakes and I’ve got three pans cookin’ on the stove trying to time everything to get done around the same time. When we realized that we still needed wontons to finish off the Wonton and Mushroom Soup.

This is where the adventure begins, the recipe called for store bought Wontons yet alas our son who was the designated shopper, purchased the wrong product. So it was up to me to use my considerable (cough, cough) pastry skills to make our own.

To make a proper Wonton there is one skill I’m lacking, folding. You would think that after 20+ years of marriage, countless birthdays and holidays I would have developed the ability to actually fold a Wonton based off of the number of presents and loads of laundry I’ve folded. And to make matters worse I even had directions on the package of Wonton wrappers to follow.

After a couple attempts, some choice words and a little foot stomping I was ready to give up when Liz stepped in and with her help we figured out how to fold them so they would stay together and look like a won ton, here are the keys to our success…

  1. Listen to your wife.
  2. Use egg whites not water to seal the edges of the Wonton.
  3. Don’t overfill, a teaspoon is the perfect amount of filling.
  4. Listen to your wife.
  5. Cook them in a gently boiling pot. Too vigorous of boiling makes them split before the edges get a chance to set.
  6. Listen to your wife.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Yeah sometimes I’m a little pig headed and want to do things on my own, my own way and that’s the time when I get a thump on the head followed by a knowing, or is that an annoyed look. Well anyway it all worked out in the end.

I created a short video to show you how to make the wontons…

How to make Wontons

  • Lay out a wonton wrapper on a flat surface
  • Add 1 teaspoon of filler, we chose to use cooked chicken that had marinated  for a couple hours in World Harbors Island Mango Marinade
  • With your finger apply egg white to the edges
  • Fold over forming a triangle, pressing down to seal the edges
  • Apply egg white to the lower corners and fold the under and press them together where they over lap (it should end up looking like an old style nurse’s hat)
  • Boil for 5-8 minutes or fry

Adding Rice Vinegar to the soup was a great addition without a lot of calories. We have grown to love the Nakano Vinegars. Mizkan makes a variety of them, from the Rice Vinegar that we used in the Wonton and Mushroom Soup to Roasted Garlic that we used in the Homemade Croutons.

For more recipes and products,visit Nakano.com

On Monday we shared the Orange Mango Chicken Recipe. For more recipes and fun ideas for your Chinese New Year Celebration, head on over to Hoosier Homemade.

Disclosure: I’m a Mizkan Blogger Advocate and this is a compensated post. All the opinions and photos are my own.

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