A few months ago, I had the privilege of reviewing Feast in 15 from Eat at Home. Tiffany also wrote a guest post sharing several of her Time Saving Kitchen Tips, I loved her tips and thought you would too.

Time Saving Kitchen Tips:

Measure a tablespoon and teaspoon into the palm of your hand. Now you know what each should look like and you can skip the measuring spoons.

Know what can be estimated and what needs to be exact. The amount of oil you cook veggies in doesn’t need to be exact. Pour a small swirl of oil in the pan and add more if needed. Most seasonings in recipes can also be estimated. Baked goods, however, require more exact measurements.

Herbs are more forgiving than spices. Herbs, like oregano, basil, parsley and others don’t pack the flavor punch that spices do. A bit too much or too little oregano won’t have the impact on a dish like too much curry powder or cayenne pepper. If you feel unsure, measure the spices and estimate the herbs.

Salt and pepper are usually added to taste. Learn to know how light or heavy your family prefers these flavors. The exception would be in baked goods where an exact measurement of salt is needed.

Dump and cook. When using a slow cooker, not only do you not need to measure everything, but sometimes you can skip stirring the seasonings in too. Pour the ingredients in, let it cook, stir before serving. Unless the foods need to be coated in sauce, like slow cooker ravioli, it works just fine to skip the stirring. Sometimes, every minute counts!

In addition to great tips like these, there are awesome recipes that you won’t want to miss…like BBQ Chicken Fajitas, Garlic Lime Shrimp or Red Wine Pasta Sauce! YUM! And of course…on the table in UNDER 15 minutes!!

With the Holidays coming, we are all looking for extra time!

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  1. Good tips!

    A BIT too much oregano is fine . . . but one time when I was making a small pot of spaghetti sauce and sprinkling oregano into it, the “spoon” side of the lid accidentally flipped open and dumped about a half cup of powdered oregano into the sauce! I scooped out most of it, but the amount that was left was enough to make the sauce taste horrible; it made everyone gag!

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