It’s here! The first day of our 25 Days of Holiday Recipes! We’re kicking off this series with our Kids Christmas Breakfast! Since Christmas is about family to us, it’s the perfect way to start us off.

Serving up a special breakfast for the kids is probably one of my favorite things to do on Christmas morning. I love to see their faces when they come down the stairs and see a table decorated in fun decor. Even now that they’re older and on their own, it’s still something I’m looking forward to when they come over!

No matter how old your kids are, everyone loves a surprise when they wake up for Christmas morning. This Kids Christmas Breakfast is a great way to make Christmas morning extra special for them. There’s no limit on how creative you get with this breakfast! It’s sure to be a memorable one!

This breakfast is fun, adorable and colorful. My favorites are the Gumdrop trees that will surely make it to my table! Not to mention how adorable those Elf Face breakfast plates are with a side of fruits in the shape of stars and Mini Cinnamon Rolls.

Find this Kids Christmas Breakfast at Pocket Change Gourmet by clicking the link below…

Kids Christmas Breakfast

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