Steak & Eggs: Breakfast for Dad

We continue with our “Dude Food” today with Breakfast for Dad…Steak & Eggs. Yesterday we shared a special Steak Dinner, and believe it or not…we actually had a little steak leftover. So we sliced and diced and came up with a delicious breakfast to start Dad’s day off right!

Traditionally Steak & Eggs is served separately with the steak grilled or cooked and served on the side, but since I was using leftover steak, I just looked in the fridge to see what I had on hand to add to the Steak & Eggs, but you can certainly add your favorites.

Thinly sliced red potatoes, sweet peppers in red, yellow and orange, finely chopped onion and of course the thinly sliced leftover steak all fried up and topped with an egg…what a treat for Dad…or even yourself!

After all the ingredients were cooked, I added the eggs to the top and steamed them. Next time, I will fry them in a separate pan and add them to the top, I think it will taste better and the eggs will cook better that way too.


Be sure to make plenty…the Steak & Eggs will be gobbled up quickly!

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