Mamma Chia Energy Drinks

Amazons, Mayans, and Aztecs. These ancient cultures were full of warriors known for their strength. They had to fight and hunt to survive, and after thousands of years we are still doing the same. Although we fight in a different way, we are all warriors in our own minds. And as warriors we need fuel to keep up the good fight. That’s why we’re excited to show you these Mamma Chia Energy Drinks!

Fight with the spirit of a warroir with Mamma Chia Energy Drinks!

Mamma Chia Energy Drinks are new drinks that hit the shelves recently. And when they hit, they hit hard. It took us a bit of running around to find these drinks, so they’re already pretty popular. It’s no wonder that they are; these drinks have a bit of everything. They have about as much caffeine as a regular eight ounce cup of coffee, more than a day’s worth of Omega-3’s, a quarter of your daily fiber, four grams of protein, plus a bunch of calcium, antioxidants and minerals. It also only has 120 calories! You could easily work that off with the energy these drinks give you, and you’d have energy left to spare!

These drinks can be found at Walmart, over in the produce section.  Mamma Chia is currently running a promotion at Walmart with an instant $.55 coupon around the bottle’s neck, so keep an eye out for those. While you’re there, you’ll have a choice of four different flavors. There’s grape power, raspberry razz, blackberry blast, and cherry charge; which will you choose?

Mamma Chia Energy Drinks

So who do we have to thank for these drinks? That would be Mamma Chia herself,  Janie Hoffman. A warrior in her own right, Janie had been fighting a variety of autoimmune disorders for nearly twenty years. With the help of chia seeds along with other lifestyle changes, Janie finally overcame her disorders and became healthy again. She decided then to share the power of the chia seed with the world and so Mamma Chia was born.

Fight with the spirit of a warroir with Mamma Chia Energy Drinks!

These drinks don’t just use the powerful chia seed. Taking a page from the Amazons, these drinks use guayusa. Treasured by the Amazons for over 2,000 years, guayusa provides a smoother energy high without the jittery crashes that come with other energy drinks. These drinks are the first to combine the powers of both guayusa and chia seeds. This drink’s ties to the warrior don’t end there though. Both Mayans and Aztecs used the chia seed. It’s rather appropriate that two warrior cultures used these seeds, as they are the richest plant based source of Omega-3’s on Earth.

We all have our own fights to get through. Fight hard with the spirit of a warrior, and use these Mamma Chia Energy drinks to give you energy to take the fight head on!

Fight with the spirit of a warroir with Mamma Chia Energy Drinks!



  1. These sound really good. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them at the produce section at Walmart next time I am there.

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