All this week we are sharing easy breakfast recipes for your Back to School season. Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets can be made in about 10 minutes for a fraction of the cost of store bought packets. And mixing Homemade Pancakes ahead of time and having them ready to go in the morning is a terrific time saver.

These Make-Ahead Fruit Smoothies, just like the other two recipes, go together in just a few minutes but can save you a ton of time in the morning. By simply freezing the fruit and yogurt and packaging them up, you can have a healthy Fruit Smoothie in just minutes.

We all love Fruit Smoothies, whether we serve them along side our breakfast, as breakfast on-the-go or even with our breakfast for dinner. They are packed with nutrients that the kids often miss out on.

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Although I have frozen lots of fruit over the years, packaging it up and having it ready to pop into the blender is something new for us. After spotting the idea on Good Cheap Eats, I thought the idea was perfect for Back to School season.

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Any fruit that you like works just fine, this time we used bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and kiwi.

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And to add a little more calcium, we froze yogurt to add to the smoothies as well. Doug was a little skeptical of how the yogurt would freeze, thinking it would change consistency. But it worked out perfectly. We used our favorite, vanilla flavor and scooped it onto the silicone mat with a cookie dough scoop.

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Freezing the fruit was super quick too. Just clean and slice into chunks and place on a silicone mat or wax paper in a single layer (or close to it) on a cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for several hours or overnight.

Freezing fruit and yogurt is also a great way to use up the ingredients if they are close to going bad.

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After the fruit and yogurt are frozen, just mark the resealable bag and add whichever fruit you like and a couple of the yogurt chunks. We made several different mixtures of fruit. The one we blended, shown here, has all the fruit in it.

Then when you are ready for your smoothie, just grab a bag, pop it into the blender and add a little juice. We used apple juice, pretty much any flavor juice is fine. And the amount will depend on how thick or thin you like your smoothies.

What’s your favorite tip for getting breakfast on the table fast?

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Follow along as we share Back to School Recipes to make your life easier!

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    • Hi Stacey, it really depends on how you like your smoothies to taste. We use 2 chunks of frozen yogurt.

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