Looking for a nice dinner without all the fuss that goes into making your own gourmet meal? Do you want to eat something from a far off land without traveling to said land? Then instead of looking out, look in; into these Gourmet Frozen Entrees. 

I’ve always been a stay in and eat kind of person. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with going out every now and again, but I prefer to stay in and prepare food for myself (and others!). One type of food I’ve not had much experience with is ethnic food. That delicious cuisine from magical lands far away. I’ve dabbled with creating my rendition of those foods, but I haven’t found an easy way to recreate the magic of faraway lands. Until today.

Serve a gourmet dinner at home with these quick and easy frozen entrees!

I’ve found a bit of magic in a box! Who is the magician who created it? That would be Saffron Road. They have taken foods that would otherwise be far away or made in a restaurant and have brought them to your local Walmart or your local grocery store. They’ve even been so nice as to wrap it up and make it easy to cook. All you have to do is cook your meal for forty minutes and that’s it. Super simple, and you only have to drive to your local grocery store. That’s far less expensive than the alternative.

Serve a gourmet dinner at home with these quick and easy frozen entrees!

So where can you get a taste of Thai? Try the Chicken Pad Thai. It has a little heat to it, Doug enjoyed this dish the most. The Pad Thai has rice noodles topped with all natural roasted white meat chicken simmered with carrots and scallions in peanut sauce. The Chicken Tikka Masala is Britain’s national dish. It’s made with tender, boneless, all natural chicken that is baked with freshly-ground tandoori spices that are simmered in a savory yogurt and tomato sauce, and served on a bed of rice. And the Chicken Biryani comes from the Indian cuisine, it begins with Basmati rice and has chunks of all natural chicken, and caramelized onions infused with a blend of spices, aromas and flavors.

On the odd occasion that your Walmart doesn’t  carry Saffron Road’s Gourmet World Cuisine, then you can use their equally magical store locator. Just pop in your location, and then the site will find any stores near you that carry the magical boxes. They even have a flyer you can bring to stores near you to petition your closest store to start carrying the gourmet entrees.

Serve a gourmet dinner at home with these quick and easy frozen entrees!

So there you have it. A great way to take the magic of far off ethnic cuisine and bring it home. Saffron Road’s Gourmet World Cuisine offers an easy and unique meal for a decent price. Since you can prepare them in under an hour they even make good panic meals, for when you find yourself running short on time or when you forgot to turn on the Slow Cooker. The next time you’re looking for something new to serve your family for dinner, try out a little magic.

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