Take your burger to new heights with the addition of a fried egg! Once you have this Royal Burger, you will never go back to the boring burger again!

Now before you pass out from it’s greatness, let me assure you this monstrosity won’t break your family’s budget. Let’s face it, one of these babies is enough to feed two maybe more. My biggest question is whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oh let’s just call it BRUNC-NER.

Let’s build our Royal Burger!

Royal Burger Recipe

The Royal Burger comes to life!


  • Like any good burger, you need to start with the patty. Take care not to over work the meat or it will become tough, and no one wants a tough burger. We use a 80/20 blend of ground beef.
  • We make our patties about 3/4 inch thick and be sure they are uniform in size. Make a dimple in the center to ensure the burger cooks evenly.
  • Keep the seasoning simple with salt, pepper and Grilling Spice Blend.
  • Then it’s time to cook your burger.

Cooking Times for a Perfect Burger

  • Rare: approximately 6 minutes total cooking time
  • Medium-Rare: approximately 7 minutes total cooking time
  • Medium: approximately 8 minutes total cooking time
  • Medium-well: approximately 9 minutes total cooking time
  • Well: approximately 10 minutes total cooking time
  • Well done: approximately 11 minutes total cooking time

Once your patties are cooked, let them sit for 5 minutes. Use this time to fry up an egg.


  • Next is prepping the toppings, cook up some bacon ahead of time, we cook ours in the oven, less mess and it cooks perfectly. Slice some nice firm red tomatoes and crisp lettuce.
  • Add your favorite cheese, this time we used American, it just seemed to go with an egg.
  • Be sure your bun is really fresh, we buy ours from the Walmart Bakery.
  • Condiments can be as simple as ketchup and mustard, or add a little kick with steak sauce or buffalo sauce.
  • Now it’s time to build. Layer in all the levels, the order you choose is up to you.

Royal Burger

Now it’s your turn, what is your ultimate burger combination?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. This burger looks amazing. I might have to give this recipe a try today. I’ve never used the grilling spicy blend.

  2. I totally agree with you on what meal this burger is for, but it looks pretty great. Thanks for sharing!

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