Strawberry Fruit Base

February 14, 2012 by  Save the strawberries, Save the strawberries!!! Follow along my journey to save the berries by making a Strawberry Fruit Base. Here’s the scenario, you’re at the store and as you walk through the produce section you notice they’re having a sale on strawberries. You just can’t pass up the deal so you grab a couple […]

Easy Cherry Cobbler Recipe for Beginners

Cobbler is a classic summer dessert that’s popular across America, and this easy cherry cobbler recipe is simple enough for beginners to prepare. Add a scoop of ice cream on the side or serve it warm with whipped cream for the best results. Cobbler is popular in all regions of America, and although where you grew […]

What Is Cake Flour? When to Use It and How to Make It

Does your recipe call for cake flour? While standing in the grocery aisle, or your own kitchen, seeing an unfamiliar ingredient can be daunting. What is cake flour and when do you use it? Obviously, it’s perfect for making certain delicious cake recipes, but there’s a lot more to this form of wheat flour. So […]

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