ALDI Store Tour

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending the Savvy Blogging Summit. Not only did we learned lots of great information to help us with blogging, we also had the honor of representing ALDI while we were there.

Along with 15 other bloggers, we took a behind the scenes ALDI Store Tour to learn how they are able to keep their cost low and in turn pass that savings along to their customers.

ALDI Store Tour

We headed to one of the ALDI Stores in Cincinnati to start our behind the scenes adventure.

ALDI Store Tour

There was a wealth of information, and we all were ready to learn more from the ALDI executives.

ALDI Store Tour

Did you know that ALDI offers a double guarantee on their products? If for any reason you are not satisfied with their products, they will refund your money and also give you a replacement.

ALDI Store Tour

If you are frequent shopper at ALDI, you are sure to recognize the ALDI Truth poster. Did you know that some of the ALDI truths come directly from their employees, everyday people like you and me.

ALDI Poster

You may also see some seasonal posters as well, highlighted here are some of the sales for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

ALDI Store Tour

One of the main focus that ALDI has is to keep all of the development of the product in their stores completely in house, from concept all the way through packaging design and shipping. The next time you pick up one of their products, look at the packaging, now count the number of scannable UPC codes on the package and then compare the number to a national brand. Some of the ALDI packages will have as many as 7 UPC codes. This helps the employees get you through the checkout faster and is just one of the ways they can keep costs down.

ALDI Produce

One of our favorite areas in the store is the produce section. There are weekly produce specials along with every day quality and good pricing on all of the produce.

ALDI Store Tour

The Summer specials are in full swing right now, so be sure to grab them while you can!

ALDI Snack Cart at Savvy Blogging

During the conference we also enjoyed some of the ALDI snacks at the Snack Cart. Head on over to Hoosier Homemade to learn more.

ALDI Summer Catalog

Check out the ALDI Summer Catalog for more great deals!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. ALDI covered my travel expenses for the Savvy Blogging Summit. My participation is voluntary and opinions are always my own.

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