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 Weekly Menu Plan: August 14

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These quick and easy Ham and Cheese Pockets are a great way to use up leftover ham! Or grab ham at the deli and create a quick lunch that the whole family will love!

Monday –Ham and Cheese Pockets and Deli Style Pasta Salad

French Toast filled with Strawberry

Tuesday – Breakfast – French Toast filled with Strawberries and Fried Potatoes

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Enchiladas and Mexican Rice

Thursday – Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Root Beer Barbecue Sauce with Veggies and Dip

Friday – Make Ahead Sloppy Joes and Chips

Teriyaki Chicken Appetizer

Saturday – Appetizer Bar  

Royal Burger

Sunday – Royal Burgers, Grilled Veggies and Pasta Salad


Dessert of the Week – Key Lime Cheesecake Trifles

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August 2017 Menu Plan


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