Every grill master needs the proper tools to complete his task. We have put together our favorite Top 10 Grilling Tools for you!

  1. Insulated Barbecue Mitts 

    Definitely invest in a couple pairs of these. You’re dealing with a lot of high heat from the grill and nothing ruins the day like 3rd degree burns.
  2. Chimney Starter

    For those using a charcoal grill this is a piece of essential equipment. Using one of these makes lighting charcoal easier and you don’t need to use lighter fluid which can leave a chemical flavor on your food if you get to generous with it.
  3. Thermometers

    You need two types of thermometers for grilling. An instant read thermometer to measure the internal temperature of your meat and a simple oven thermometer. The oven thermometer is useful for maintaining the internal temperature of the qrill. A lot of grills now have a thermometer in the lid but these are often inaccurate and don’t reflect the true temperature of the cooking zone (the grate).
  4. Tongs

    You can never have enough of these, I use one to handle the raw meat and another for flipping. Look for sturdy ones that have long handles. Many are spring loaded but it’s not a neccessity.
  5. Spatulas

    Like tongs you’ll want a good selection of these tools. Each type of meat has it’s own characteristics on the grill and no single spatula works for all. 
  6. Kitchen Timer

    For all the multi-taskers out these this should rank high on your list. Whether your trying to keep track of grilling times for varying types of meats or visiting with guests a handy kitchen timer will keep you on track and prevent those nasty over cooked cuts. I personally am never without my smartphone so I have found it convenient to use any number of kitchen timer apps available for you particular phone.
  7. Basting Brushes

    Unless you are the grill master of a 10 foot monster grill a selection of silicone brushes will be the tool of choice here. Easy to clean and durable you’ll only need a couple of high quality brushes to get the job done. Plus clean-up is a snap, they can be washed in the dish washer.
  8. Grill Brush

    Using your grill brush before and after cooking is just part of the regular maintenance you need to do to keep your grill in top shape. I recommend using a brush that has a long handle with stainless steel or brass bristles. If you choose a brush with brass bristles plan on replacing it at least once during the grilling season. Also throw these into the dishwasher along with your other tools after each use.
  9. Disposable Foil Pans

    The unsung hero of the grill. Have a good selection in different sizes. They are inexpensive and can be used for almost anything from marinating to cooking smaller items that might fall through the grates. You can even make you own smoke box with them.
  10. Spray Bottle

    While most grilling afficianados frown on spray bottles they are sometimes a must. So add some flavor while keeping the fire under control by using either your favorite juice, perhaps apple in the bottle.

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