Weekly Menu Plan: December 21

Christmas is less than a week away. Have you finished your shopping? Is all the baking ready for the festivities? What about the wrapping? Are you the type to wrap as you buy or wait until the night before and do it all at once? If you are busier than ever and stressing about the […]

Weekly Menu Plan: December 14

It’s less than two weeks from Christmas and the holiday bustle is in full effect. Not only are the evenings busy, the upcoming weekend is packed but so is my stomach. I’ve been baking up a storm and, of course, sampling all the goodies. It’s great to eat a home-cooked meal to balance out all the […]

Weekly Menu Plan: December 7

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope you were able to relax, enjoy time with family and friends, eat some amazing meals and snag a few great shopping deals. I am grateful that I was able to do all of those things. Although, there is always a moment after a holiday where I take a […]

Weekly Menu Plan: November 23

Do you have relatives coming in this week? Maybe you and your family are planning on traveling for the holiday. Perhaps your work schedule only allows for one day off. If your Thanksgiving week is shaping up to be a busy one then this Weekly Menu Plan is exactly what you need. Brandon DottBrandon Dott is a chef […]

Weekly Menu Plan: November 9

Recently, an emergency pulled me away from home overnight. I returned early in the morning just as my boys were headed to school. I was exhausted -I’d been up for 24 hours at this point and I was planning on sleeping for the day. Thanks to my Weekly Menu Plan, I was able to have a […]

Weekly Menu Plan: October 26

This week, traditionally brings busy days for my family and I’m sure it does for yours, as well. With Halloween comes last minute costume changes, parties, and, of course, Trick-or-Treat night. When the week gets busy, I always make sure my weekly menu plan has dinners that are quick and easy. Caroline MeridaIn addition to being […]

Weekly Menu Plan: October 19

One of the routines that I have gotten into on Sunday nights is preparing food for the work week. This comes after I’ve already planned and shopped for the weekly menu plan. I pre-measure the dry ingredients for my oatmeal (I like to add things like flax, hemp and chia seeds). I cut up veggies for […]

Weekly Menu Plan: October 12

Anyone else feeling the need for comfort foods? I think it must be the fall weather we experienced last week. It’s given me the sense that I need to cocoon into my home and cook some delicious comfort foods. The weekly menu plan for next week is going to give us all some great comfort foods. Caroline […]

Weekly Menu Plan: October 5

I can remember a time when money was its tightest in my home. I rarely had extra funds leftover after payday and had to be very careful where I spent my money. I knew that my grocery budget would need to be tightened. So, the first thing I did was search for dinners that could […]

Weekly Menu Plan: September 21

When you are working with a budget for meals, it is vital that you make a menu plan up that takes advantage of sales, seasonal produce and ingredients you already have on hand. It’s also important that your weekly menu plan has meals that are extra friendly to the budget. Anna BoltAnna Bolt is an […]

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