Weekly Menu Plan: April 11

April is one of our busiest months, with baseball and all the traveling we do. This Weekly Menu Plan is super easy and of course delicious! The menu is filled with slow cooker and make ahead meals, perfect for a busy week. Brandon DottBrandon Dott is a chef who focuses on authentic American comfort food, from […]

Weekly Menu Plan: April 4

What another menu plan? Yes, I know we shared the April Menu Plan a couple days ago, but there are many of you that like the Weekly Menu Plan also. And because I aim to please, I decided to share.  Mark HammillMark is a self-taught cook specializing in Asian cuisine. Mark’s passion for food began […]

Weekly Menu Plan: March 28

This Weekly Menu Plan includes delicious Slow Cooker meals, dinners the kids will love and you even get to fire up the grill. We are finishing up the month, watch for the April Menu Plan to be posted on March 31st. Anna BoltAnna Bolt is an avid reader and writer who enjoys working on projects […]

Weekly Menu Plan: March 14

It’s a new week and that means it’s the perfect time to meal plan. Think about how easy your week is whenever you have the week’s meals planned out. Our youngest is a senior in high school and he can still eat like there’s no tomorrow. With having three sons, it has always been imperative […]

Weekly Menu Plan: March 7

March is finally in full swing and I’m starting to see green everywhere. Green is a great color, one of my favorites! Anyway, this week, there’s a great lineup of delicious and hearty meals that even the kids will love. One of my main goals this year is to pick out meals that our entire […]

Weekly Menu Plan: February 22

We made it to another week in February! This week surely is the shortest one in the whole year and we are feeling it around here. I love that the menu planning is already done and all I need to do is pick up a few things from the store. I truly hope you enjoy […]

Weekly Menu Plan: February 15

Now that the Big Game is over and Valentine’s Day will be behind us, it’s time to focus a little more on hearty meals. Everything on the menu this week is super delicious and yummy. Like anyone even questioned that, right? I look forward to making this week’s meals and I’m sure you do as […]

Weekly Menu Plan: February 8

February is here and it’s going to be a great month full of awesome foods. This weekly menu plan is full of hearty deliciousness that everyone will love. I feel as though this year is flying by already and there are still tons of foods we want to try out. Enjoy this week’s menu plan! […]

Weekly Menu Plan: January 25

The cold weather is at it again and that means lots of cooking is bound to get done in your kitchen next week. This Weekly Menu Plan will help you serve your family up some amazing dishes. Who knew cooking on a budget could be so delicious? Anna BoltAnna Bolt is an avid reader and writer who […]

Weekly Menu Plan: January 18

Have you started to get back into the swing of things after the holidays? This Weekly Menu Plan is sure to help. This week on the menu we have super simple recipes that your family will love and yes, they are budget friendly too. Brandon DottBrandon Dott is a chef who focuses on authentic American […]

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