Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning

How to Plan the Perfect Dinner Menu for Guests

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Weekly Menu Plan: August 14

Our weekly menu plan is here! Give yourself a break this week and let Pocket Change Gourmet plan your meals! We promise they will be budget friendly, kid approved, and taste good too!

Weekly Menu Plan: August 7

Our weekly menu plan is here! Happy August! Are your kids already back in school? Going back soon? With the return of normal routines, it’s a great time to implement our weekly menu plan- budget friend, kid approved meals!

Weekly Menu Plan: July 24

Our weekly menu plan is here! Can you believe it’s the last full week of July! Spend more time enjoying the rest of your summer and less time menu planning- we’ve got you covered!

Weekly Menu Plan: July 17

Our weekly menu plan is always filled with budget friendly, kid approved meals that the whole family will love. Let us do the planning for you, so you have more time with the family!

Weekly Menu Plan: September 05

This week kicks off with Labor Day. That means getting out the grill to relax and celebrate work by not working!

Weekly Meal Plan: February 16

February might be shorter on the calendar but these cold days make it feel just as long as the months with extra days. This week’s menu is going to keep us fed well enough to take the sting out of the cold, even if it’s just for a little while. Budget-friendly menus make that possible […]

January Monthly Meal Plan: 2015

Is anyone else shocked by that fact that a new year is upon us? It’s hard to believe how fast 2014 went by. It’s been a busy year and it looks like that is going to continue for the next one as well. That’s always both exciting and daunting. The busier life gets, the easier […]

Weekly Meal Plan: December 22nd

Well here it is, one of the busiest weeks of the year. You have just a few days left to finish up that shopping, get some last minute baking complete and clean like a mad woman before everyone arrives. Let’s keep this week’s meals as simple as possible. If you love stretching your budget with […]

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