Farmer’s Market Friday: Cheese

While you probably don’t typically think of Cheese being at your Farmer’s Market, you can actually find some unusual flavors as well as the traditional cheeses like Colby, Cheddar and Monterey Jack. We discovered cheese at our small local Farmer’s Market last Summer, and one booth in particular had a Jalapeno Cheese that was delicious. […]

Farmer’s Market Friday: Spring Onions

Oops, I’m a little late today…but don’t cry. Because today we’re swinging by the Farmer’s Market for some Spring Onions. Why spring onions, well the cool spring weather is ideal for all types of onions. The cool conditions help regulate the growth so it doesn’t get pithy and the flavor is not quite as harsh. […]

Farmer’s Market Friday: Mushrooms

Happy Friday! Here we are, another week has just blown by. We are excited to share another edition of Farmer’s Market Friday! Have you been enjoying it? Even if you don’t live near a Farmer’s Market, it’s great to have some new recipes. Whether you get your mushrooms from the Farmer’s Market or spend the […]

Farmer’s Market Friday: Strawberries

Just a few more days till Mother’s Day and what better choice to celebrate with than strawberries. I love when the local berrries are in season, freshly picked, there are few things better. So today I’m excited to share recipes that take full advantage of there wonderful flavor. Strawberries Photo source While growing up I spent many […]

Farmer’s Market Friday: Asparagus

Happy Friday my friends! Are you ready for the weekend? We have had a super crazy week…well in fact, the last couple weeks have been busier than normal. So we are definitely ready for the weekend. Last week, we kicked off Farmer’s Market Friday with Rhubarb. We were really excited to see such a good […]

Farmer’s Market Friday: Rhubarb

Happy Friday my friends! We are kicking off something new today, that I think {hope} you will love! Doug and I LOVE to visit the Farmer’s Market, especially to buy the in-season veggies and fruit. So each week, we are going to highlight a special food that you can find at your Farmer’s Market and […]

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