Indoor Family Fun Ideas from Weaver with a Giveaway

Kids can become complacent and sedentary during the winter months, with the dreary weather that we have been having recently it can be a chore to keep them active. Here are a few ideas from Professional chef, author and mother-of-two, Maureen Petrosky to help you spend some family time together…

  • Dine-in together. Just because you don’t have time to create a meal from scratch, doesn’t mean you can’t put something on the table that’s wholesome and delicious. Keep it simple and serve Weaver chicken nuggets alongside a big salad and some fresh bread from the bakery.
  • Spice it up. Revisit your pantry or spice drawer to avoid extra trips to the grocery store. With simple ingredients such as rosemary, garlic, oregano or cilantro, you can quickly transform your family’s favorite meals into an array of dinner options. Get everyone involved in meal prep and use this time as an opportunity to catch up with one another.
  • Go camping indoors. The rule: no lights, phones or computers from dusk to dawn. Drape the couch and chairs with sheets for a makeshift tent. Put your sleeping bags on the floor, grab your flashlights, and share your best ghost stories.
  • Fire up those old video games A great way to have some fun with your family is to get everyone dancing. Turn off the TV and turn on some good tunes. Make homemade trophies and prizes to give to the winners. Create special categories for best moves, best spins, most creative, most enthusiastic dancer.
  • Turn chore time into an a-maze-ing race. In ten minutes, you can create an indoor maze, complete with clues to take your family on an at-home adventure. Incorporate simple chores like putting away laundry, cleaning under the bed, or setting the table. The final reward can be their favorite dinner or an extra bedtime story.



ONE (1) lucky Pocket Change Gourmet winners will receive a month’s worth of Weaver Chicken Nuggets (awarded in the form of four full-value coupons).

Entries only accepted on this page. Facebook and Twitter entries do not count.

Giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, Dec 21st. 2011 at 5 p.m. CST. Winner will be chosen at random, notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond.


  • How do you make family time fun?

OPTIONAL ENTRIESPlease leave a separate comment for each entry

Disclosure: We were provided Weaver Chicken product for review and giveaway items. All comments and experiences are ours as well as our opinions.


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  2. We try to be relaxed at meal times and not push manners so much, at least we are all together!

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  6. I have started to play games with the kids to make things fun.

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  9. We like to play games during long car rides, like the “alphabet” game. Lots of laughing and it’s even fun for the older teens.

  10. We like to cook together and then watch movies together.

  11. We like to cook together and then watch movies together or play board games.

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  15. We make family time fun make taking turns deciding what we are going to do!

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    try to do something the kids enjoy.

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