How to Freeze Herbs

One of the things we love about Summer time are the fresh vegetables and herbs that we pick from the garden. We often freeze zucchini, corn and blueberries to use during the Winter, so we thought it would be great to freeze the herbs that we grew also.

Doug tried two different methods, first he made a paste with herbs and olive oil in the food processor. This method turned out okay, but we preferred the second method, simply adding chopped herbs to a tray {we used a deviled egg tray} and added olive oil.

We found it best to have a measured amount of herbs so that when you add them to your recipe you will know how much you are using. You will need to use 1 part herbs to 2 parts olive oil {i.e. 1/2 teaspoon herbs + 1 teaspoon oil}

The herbs can be used to a number of dishes, like Lasagna, Homemade Dressing, or even a quick Pizza Sauce. Just remove them from the freezer and use immediately, or you can thaw them and use only the herbs if you don’t want the oil in your recipe.

You can also freeze herbs by simply washing, patting dry with a paper towel and placing them on a single layer to flash freeze, about 2 hours. Then place in a freezer safe bag. According to Better Homes & Gardens, here are several herbs that freeze well…

  • basil
  • borage
  • chives
  • dill (better frozen than dried)
  • lemongrass
  • mint
  • oregano
  • sage
  • savory
  • sorrel (better than dried)
  • sweet woodruff
  • tarragon
  • thyme

Have you ever frozen herbs? Share with us how they turned out!



  1. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Penny Calhoun says

    We raise so much Basil every year. Here’s what we do. Four cups of clean leaves in the Cuisinart with 1 small can of tomato sauce. Whirl it up and freeze in ice cube trays. Take them out and put in zip locks after frozen. We call they ughly green ice cubes. Throw them in pots of soup and a zillon other dishes all Winter. You don’t even taste the tomato. My sis and I cry when we run out. This year I have a lot of late small dill. I’m going to try and save it. I love dill sauce on my Salmon.

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