As the holidays quickly approach, we are all trying to fit in time to wrap presents, bake, and of course, host a Holiday Party, whether it’s just for family or a large get together with friends.

All week long, we will be sharing some recipes that will be perfect for your Holiday Menu and help you stay within your budget.

Top 10 tips for your Holiday Entertaining on a Budget

  1. Make a list, check your pantry for items you could use and be organized
  2. Buy a little at a time, don’t try to get everything you need in one trip
  3. Know how many you are cooking for so you don’t over buy
  4. Potluck – ask visitors to bring a dish to share
  5. Host a dessert party rather than a full meal
  6. Serve several dishes without meat
  7. Don’t spend money on decorations, use items from around your house and yard
  8. Check online coupons…we have a TON in our Coupon Database
  9. Host brunch…everyone is busy in the evenings with concerts and school events, a morning get-together is perfect
  10. Above all…keep it simple. Your guests will feel more comfortable if the party is simple and you don’t go to a lot of trouble or expense.

What is your favorite dish to serve during the Holidays? Share your recipes and tips with us!


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