Hellmann’s 100th Anniversary Giveaway

Liz has jetted off to the Big Apple this week to help Hellmann’s celebrate their 100th Anniversary! So I thought this would be a perfect time to giveaway a little moula, money, cold hard cash. Well really an American Express giftcard from Hellmann’s in the amount of $300.00. So help us wish them a Happy Anniversary and maybe get a present for you.

Hellmann's 100th Anniversary giveaway

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  1. I like to make tuna salad with Hellmanns.

  2. I love Hellman’s with tuna, egg salad, chicken salad – anything, it’s great!

  3. like using it in a cake recipe instead of oil

  4. Cindy Bowling says

    I love to use it to make chicken salad.

  5. Hellmann’s is best in my potato salad!

  6. Mary Happymommy says

    I love pasta salad with tuna and Hellmann’s!

  7. Nataly Carbonell says

    I like to use it on my Cuban Imperial Rice

  8. Hellman’s is best in my egg salad!

  9. We LOVE Hellman’s! There is no substitute. Happy 100th!

  10. Love it in my honey mustard sandwich spread recipe!

  11. I love Hellman’s in my Loaded Baked Potato Salad!

  12. I love to use it in chicken salad.

  13. Potato Salad!

  14. I use it to make baked chicken breast

  15. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I use Hellman’s in broccoli salad, potato salad, and tuna fish. Quality endures!

  16. I like to use it for tuna salad and sandwiches.

  17. My favorite way to use Hellmann’s in a recipe is to coat chicken in it followed by breadcrumbs and bake, its delicious.

  18. I love to use Hellman’s in my potato salad and in my spinach dip. Thanks.

  19. I love using Hellmann’s Reduced Fat Mayonnaise with Olive Oil in red skin potato salad. I also cant resist classic tuna salad with chopped pecans and grape slices. Yum!

  20. I like Hellmann’s in deviled eggs and all my sandwiches including Pimento cheese.

  21. I use Hellman’s to make potato salad.

  22. Out here, in Colorado, it’s called Best Foods. Does that count? Anyway, it’s my only choice for potato salad, tuna, chicken, ham and anything else I can put it on.

  23. Leslie GAGNE says

    I love to use Hellman’s in my tuna, egg salad, potato salad, and deviled eggs.

    Leslie Gagne

  24. Beva Bradford says

    Hellman’s is so very good in spinach dip!!

  25. I use it in my Favorite — Chicken Salad!!

  26. I love Hellmann’s in my chicken salad

  27. Cheryl Christian says

    I use Hellmann’s mayo in my BLT sandwiches and also potato salad

  28. candy kratzer says

    Hellmann’s mayo with ham salad, egg salad, or in my Chocolate Mayo Cake recipe.

  29. Oh my this is a hard question for me . My son eats Hellmann’s on just about everything he eats !
    I am always buying it . But I would say in my potatoe and macaroni salads mostly. Helps chicken stay moist too.

  30. Like to use Hellmann’s in all homemade salads, and BLTs.

  31. I love to make grilled cheese sandwiches using Hellmann’s in place of butter!! Taste great and spreads so easy

  32. Cyndi Funbar says

    There is only one Mayonaise for my Family. Hellmans!!!!!!!

  33. I use Hellmanns when I bake breaded chicken breast & everything else that requires mayo

  34. I like to mix it with relish and broil it on top if fish.

  35. My favorite way to use Hellmann’s is when making salads like potatoes, tuna, chicken, or egg salad.

  36. I use Hellmans in macaroni salad.. My husband loves Hellmans

  37. I love Hellmann’s on a hot ham sandwich!

  38. BLT’s and Potato Salad!! Yum!

  39. I ONLY use Hellman’s mayo in my famous potato salad. All my friends LOVE it and I wouldn’t think of using any other mayo!!! Wait, who am I kidding?…there is NO other mayo other than Hellman’s!!!

  40. I’m a pretty basic BLT and mayo girl! ALthough just found a millet muffin recipe that calls for mayo I need to try =)

  41. i use hellman’s a lot in dips like spinach veggie dips and bagel dip. Thank you!

  42. I use Hellman’s in broccoli casserole and potato salad. Yum!

  43. I like Hellman’s in tartar sauce!! Yum! 😉

  44. I use it to make Ranch Dressing or Dip!

  45. I like it on sandwiches

  46. Gotta have it on all my sandwiches!

  47. Michelle Wright says

    Home made mac & cheese.

  48. Hellmann’s is just not for salad’s any more…IMO, For years we use Hellmann’s as a staple or more important as a substitute for oils in many recipes. ie…cakes, cookies, frosting…delicious biscuits and cornbread….But, my favorite way is a tip a old timey Florida fisherman gave me over 20 years ago.
    Take you fish fillet…trout, talapia or what ever….spread on the mayo and broil as usual…Oh my goodness…to die for! I have tweaked this recipe by mixing a bit of dill and white wine with the mayo before spreading on. The fish coating will brown, get a bit crispy while retaining the moisture of the fish due to the oils in the mayo…Hope you try it.

  49. Potato salad!

  50. Love to make dips and spreads with it – it makes everything rich & delicious!

  51. We use it a lot to make tuna salad and chicken salad.

  52. I love Hellmann’s in pasta salads!

  53. on a sandwich!

  54. ellen casper says

    I use it in my potato salad recipe

  55. Susan Becker says

    I have always liked hellmans on a ham and cheese sandwich on rye bread. I also use it in potatoe salad and chicken salad.

  56. I like to use it on Grilled Cheese sandwiches. My mom calls them Cheese Dreams.

  57. I use only hellmans mayo. i use it on fried bologna sandwiches. Thanks. Vicki.

  58. My favorite way to use Hellmans is in tuna sandwiches.

  59. Broccoli Salad!

  60. plain and simple on a BLT

  61. I use it to make mock tuna sandwiches

  62. My favorite way to use Hellmann’s is tuna salad. Yum!

  63. use in turkey salad

  64. i love using it when we make cole slaw!

  65. Lori Nonnemacher says

    Saucy Chicken and Asparagus

  66. We use Hellmann’s in all our salads like tuna, egg, potato!

  67. In tuna salad or egg salad.

  68. I love Hellmann’s mayo on my sandwiches or in my cole slaw.

  69. I like it on a BLT

  70. We use it on BLTs and tuna sandwiches as well as in potato and macaroni salad.

  71. I love Hellmann’s! I use it all the time for egg salad (which I like) and chicken salad (which everyone likes).

  72. Candice Dyer says

    I ONLY use Hellman’s in my potato salad!

  73. Happy Birthday, Hellmans! It’s got to be Hellmans in the potato salad.

  74. Jessica Dawson-Brown says

    I love using it in my dijon chicken!

  75. I use it in Tuna sandwiches and potato salad

  76. My family always requests my potato salad!

  77. deanna hanson says

    def tuna fish

  78. Debnmike moretti says

    I love it in potato salad!!!

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