Happy Friday! Here we are, another week has just blown by. We are excited to share another edition of Farmer’s Market Friday! Have you been enjoying it? Even if you don’t live near a Farmer’s Market, it’s great to have some new recipes.

Whether you get your mushrooms from the Farmer’s Market or spend the day in the woods with the family hunting them… that just sounds weird, hunting mushrooms. Like they’re going to run and hide on you. But that is exactly how it seems sometimes. And don’t even approach an experienced mushroom hunter and ask where he goes to hunt. More than likely he’ll send you to the opposite side of the county.

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It’s been many years since I went on a successful hunt, it really is an art to find Morels in the wild. I’ve know many avid mushroom hunters, one of which is my oldest brother. He was the best that I ever went with, I don’t know if he could smell them or what but he just had the knack and would always bring home a bag full. And like all good hunters he never would tell us where he found them. I even suspect that when he would take us along he never would go near his secret spot.

There are many ways to fix mushrooms and one of my favorites is to dredge them in egg and flour ad fry them in butter till they are really crispy. Here’s a few more for the playbook.

Have you been to the Farmer’s Market this year? What did you find? Feel free to leave your recipes in the comments.



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  1. We don’t have Morels around here…. or if we do I just can’t find them. In the store that is… haha. I don’t go mushroom hunting in the woods or anything. haha I’m to afraid of bringing back something that might kill me. I’ve been to the farmers market once since it opened, but it’s only been open for 3 weekend, I was hoping to go today but my shoulder has been hurting and I’m not sure that I want to lug around a shopping bag today. When I was there tho, I did find some beautiful strawberries!

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