Farmer’s Market Friday: Recipes for Green Beans

I hope you all enjoyed our first Farmer’s Market Friday of the summer last week – all about Sweet Corn – and are ready to try out some recipes for another of our favorite vegetables: Green Beans.

Farmer's Market Friday-Green Beans

Green Beans are just coming into season throughout much of the country, so we’ve still got a lot of green bean season to take advantage of! Beans are so versatile – they are good whether cooked just until crisp or slow cooked in the southern way with bacon. They are an easy vegetable to grow and there are some nice and easy ways to ‘put them up’ for the winter like freezing or pickling.

Green Beans

In researching this post I found so many wonderful green bean recipes that it was hard to limit it to just 10, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so I chose the very best with the most variety.

In addition to preserving recipes, I also looked for recipes with basic cooking techniques (grilling, roasting, etc.) that you could change up and make your own. I can see a lot of green beans in our future!

Fried-Green-Beans on PockeChangeGourmet

Fried Green Beans (one of my favorites!)

Fresh Green Beans – Cooked Slow with Bacon

Thai Red Curry: Chicken & Green Beans

Green Bean Bacon Bundles

Roasted Parmesan Green Beans

Grilled Green Beans

Preserving Recipes:

How To Freeze Green Beans Without Blanching

How To Can Beans with a Pressure Cooker

Canned Pickled Green Beans with a Mustard-Garlic Variation (water-bath canning)

NOTE: During the Summer, we will be sharing Farmer’s Market Recipes with you each week instead of our Weekly Menu Plan. You can still find our Monthly Menu Plan that has all the Budget Friendly Recipes on it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my recipe! Love me some green beans!

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