Ultimate Ice Cream Social: Pin it to Win it

We are holding onto every last bit of Summer that we can and trying to squeeze in a few day trips before school starts. One of our favorite ice cream shops is Cold Stone Creamery, except the closest one is about 45 minutes away. So to get our Cold Stone Creamery fix, we just grab […]

Mexican Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Living in the midwest, there are often times misconceptions. Like – we only eat steak and potatoes, we have no idea what gourmet cooking is and the only cooking oil we ever use is vegetable oil. I’ll have to admit that until a few years ago one of those statements was all too true. I […]

ALDI Store Tour

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending the Savvy Blogging Summit. Not only did we learned lots of great information to help us with blogging, we also had the honor of representing ALDI while we were there. Along with 15 other bloggers, we took a behind the scenes ALDI Store Tour to learn how […]

Savvy Blogging Summit: Meet me at the ALDI Snackcart

Whew! Last week was a blur. A redesign of Pocket Change Gourmet, my first time as a panelist for a twitter party and getting things ready for my first blogging conference! Not to mention all the recipes we’ve shared with all of you. Later this week I’ll be heading to Cincinnati, Ohio for this year’s […]

Smokin’ Hot Cookbook Giveaway: All Fired Up by Troy Black

Grilling season is on! From Memorial Day through Labor Day, with Father’s Day and 4th of July sandwiched in between, you really don’t need an excuse to fire up the grill and enjoy fresh tastes all summer long. Sam’s Club is helping kick off your sizzlin’ summer with their premium meat selection and backyard meal […]

Easy Outdoor Italian Bistro

I have to admit I get a little jealous, jealous of those of you who live where the weather allows you to dine outdoors during the entire year. So when we get the opportunity to throw an outdoor party and the weather finally cooperates you know we’re going to jump on the chance. So I […]

Choice Steaks; The Bold and the Beautiful

Grilling season is upon us north of the Mason-Dixon line, even though you wouldn’t be able to tell it by the weather. One of the joys of grilling is that it gives me a reason to splurge and serve my family one of my favorite cuts of beef, the Ribeye Steak. Like every family we […]

Rachael Ray Collection of Kitchenware Review

We’re cooking up a storm almost everyday in our kitchen and with all that delicious work going on having innovative and quality cookware can save you in a pinch. I have had the chance to get an advance look and feel of the Rachael Ray Collection of Kitchenware that will be available starting March 24, […]

Hickory Farms Gives Back

I love the holidays. The food, the family, everything about them is wonderful.  One of my favorite parts is when our family comes together for a nice meal. During these meals Hickory Farms has always been present. Hickory Farms is being especially good this year by giving back to the community. They have a partnership with […]

Whole Chicken cooked in Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

Cooking a whole chicken is nothing new to most cooks, but today we have a new kitchen appliance that will cut down on time for you. It’s the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer, and although it’s called a fryer, we had better luck with it as a roaster. The chicken came out extremely moist and tender, […]

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