Hickory Farms Gift Basket Giveaway

Celebrating the holidays is all about traditions and for more than 60 years Hickory Farms has been bringing that tradition to your door. I remember the years of my childhood and the exciting times we had as we shopped as a family and visited the Hickory Farms store and sampled the delicious gourmet meats and […]

6 Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

We begin our Thanksgiving Dinner with the star of the show, turkey. Nothing embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving more than this regal bird. Imagine our ancestors celebrating the bounty of all of their hard work and sharing it with people that made it possible. Truly inspiring isn’t it. No matter where you call home there are a […]

Stovetop Apple Butter

We have a little confession…this is our third, maybe fourth attempt at applesauce.  And when I say we…I mean both Doug and I messed up the applesauce! A couple years ago, I successfully made a really good applesauce, but somehow when life is busy and I try to multi-task too many things, I forget about […]

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Making your own dressing is something I never really have thought much about until lately. But when we made the Buffalo Chicken Bites last week, we wanted the dipping sauce to be a little special. Typically you think of Blue Cheese Dressing with Buffalo Chicken, but since our family doesn’t really like Blue Cheese, we […]

Layered BLT Salad and Giveaway

Summer is in full swing, and with all the fresh fruits and veggies from your garden or Farmer’s Market, now is the time to serve those special Summer Salads. Not only is a salad a great side dish, but we often serve them for the main dish, especially on hot Summer days. This Layered BLT Salad […]

Kickin’ Ribs: Dibs On My Ribs Contest

How’s your grilling been going this sweltering summer? We’ve been grilling as much as possible…keeping the house as cool as possible you know. Well now’s the time to put all that expertise to work. There’s a couple weeks left to enter the Dibs on my Ribs Recipe Contest co-sponsored by Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., McCormick […]

Fourth of July Cool Treats: Apple Pie Pops

Well here we are again, back with another yummy Fourth of July Recipe! You probably already know, but in case you don’t, we are sharing our Fourth of July Menu complete with Main Dishes and the All-American Burger, Salads with Seven Layer Salad in a jar, Sides and this easy 3 ingredient Patriotic Dip, Fruit Recipes and a Fruit Parfait with Creamy […]

Farmer’s Market Friday: Cheese

While you probably don’t typically think of Cheese being at your Farmer’s Market, you can actually find some unusual flavors as well as the traditional cheeses like Colby, Cheddar and Monterey Jack. We discovered cheese at our small local Farmer’s Market last Summer, and one booth in particular had a Jalapeno Cheese that was delicious. […]

Hosting the Perfect Easter Gathering

We’ve been sharing some of our favorite Easter traditions and recipes with you the last few days and thought it would be good to give you some tips to help plan your Easter Gathering. Hosting an Easter Gathering shouldn’t be stressful, it’s a time to get together with friends and family, celebrate the Spring weather. So […]

Super Bowl Party Food

With the Super Bowl just days away it’s crunch time to get the final preparations set for the big day. Whether you’ll be watching the coverage of the game and all the great reports in the hours before kickoff, or just to see what wild and wacky commercials they have come up with this year you’ll want to […]

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