With Thanksgiving this week and Christmas right around the corner, there are bound to be lots of wonderful dinners and parties, and with those parties, some are leftover. One of the dishes that I think gets overlooked a lot is the Leftover Veggie Tray.

Either guest have too much on their plate or simply don’t eat vegetables as they should, but there always seem to be Leftover Vegetables.

If you went a little overboard on the veggie tray and have more than your family can possibly eat before they spoil then freezing the leftover veggies is always a great option or sharing them with your guest works too.

The recipes are endless, I’ve gathered some simple recipes that incorporate just one leftover veggie, pizzas, stir-fry, and more.

Leftover Veggie Tray

Fun Food for the Kids and Adults

Carrots on a square bowl

Carrot Dishes

Leftover soups


Noodles with vegetable

Stir Fry

And in case you are looking for a fun way to display your Veggie Tray for Thanksgiving, here is a couple I found…

well displayed Leftover Veggie Tray on a plate
Leftover Veggie on a plate

Final Thoughts

Do not allow your veggies to become a waste. There is more that you can do with it. Serve these delicious recipes with your leftovers. With these recipes, you can still enjoy the freshness and richness of your vegetables. Packed with nutrients, these meals come with rich benefits.


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